Dental Veneers Paris 16 The principle

Veneers are ceramic (or composite) coverings that are bonded to the teeth.

This innovative technique significantly enhances smile aesthetics.


The objectives

  • Correct anomalies in tooth shape and surface condition.
  • Improve aesthetic issues related to minor tooth misalignments.
  • When there are unattractive repairs on the teeth in the smile zone.
  • Less invasive than crowns.


The process

The study phase is the most crucial. It begins by listening to the patient and their expectations. Intraoral and extraoral photos are taken. Study models are created with wax-up veneers. The practitioner will then have the patient try on resin veneers (mock-up) directly in the mouth to allow the patient to visualize the final project. Once this phase is completed and approved, the practitioner starts preparing the teeth for impressions.

Temporary veneers are placed while the ceramic veneers are being made by the laboratory. In the next appointment, the veneers are tried on and bonded.