The discoloration of teeth is influenced by various factors:

  • Genetics.
  • The use of certain medications during tooth development.
  • Lifestyle choices: consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, etc.
  • Aging: teeth tend to yellow with age.

Before beginning a teeth whitening treatment, the dentist in Paris 16 will conduct an oral examination to check for any contraindications to whitening (gingivitis, tartar, cavities, poor hygiene).

At-home tray-based whitening

The practitioner takes an impression of the patient's mouth and creates custom trays (made of very thin and transparent plastic). They provide the patient with whitening gel (typically 10 or 15% carbamide peroxide). The patient places the whitening gel into the trays and wears them for at least 15 nights for optimal results. Depending on the patient's initial tooth shade, the practitioner will determine the number of weeks needed to achieve the desired result.

Teeth remain whiter for approximately 5 years before returning to their original shade.

Prior to starting the treatment, the practitioner performs:

  • Scaling and polishing.
  • Intraoral and extraoral photos using a shade guide to assess the initial tooth color. These photos are kept in the patient's record and serve as references for subsequent sessions.

Approximately every 10 days, the patient returns to the office to monitor the progress of the whitening and ensure the treatment is proceeding smoothly. New photos are taken until the desired shade is achieved.

Whitening for non-vital teeth: internal whitening

Teeth Whitening Paris 16

Teeth that have experienced trauma (sometimes many years ago) can change color and become aesthetically unappealing, especially when it involves a central incisor. The tooth may already be non-vital or necrotic (the pulp inside the tooth is dead). In such cases, it is essential to clean the canal and adequately seal the tooth's root. Sodium perborate is then placed inside the tooth and left for several days, with renewal based on the desired shade. Whitening non-vital teeth is done from the inside.

It is possible to combine multiple techniques (tray-based whitening + internal whitening) to achieve a uniform and high-quality whitening result.