Healthy gums

Healthy gingiva has a pale pink color, texture orange peel and naturally defends against bacteria and viruses.

Bleeding, pain, red and swollen gums: these are warning signs of gum problem and should prompt quick reference. Diagnosed and treated early, gingivitis is reversible.
The Periodontitis

Often painless. Bacterias are no more localized only in the gum but in all the peridontal (gum, alveolar bone, ligament). This leads to the destruction of the bone that supports the teeth, the teeth "shoes off". It is a chronic disease that affects a large number of patients. The most common signs are the same as those of gingivitis with more persistent bad breath (halithose) and mobile teeth. It depends on the development stage of the disease. 

The treatment of periodontitis: It is mainly based on the elimination of bacterias. It includes an initial phase measurement of periodontal pockets (charting), bacterial sampling, learning different hygiene techniques (brushing, floss, interproxibrushes ..), control factors favoring (smoking, stress, diabetes ...), subgingival cleaning  using ultrasonic instruments (rootplaning, curetage, irrigation, polishing) under local anesthesia. Sometimes antibiotics are necessary also. 

A revaluation phase takes place after two months to check the correct answer tissue treatment. In case of deep periodontal pockets persisting,  periodontal surgery (flap) will be needed.. However, if deep pockets have disappeared, the patient can then move to a preventive treatment (periodontal treatment support) which takes place every 6 months usually, depending on each patient.