Welcome on the website dedicated to my dental practice in Paris 16. 
You will find plenty of useful information and tips to help you better understand dental treatment . 
The objective of the office is to treat patients with the latest techniques, preserving maximum vital teeth (ceramic overlays, inlays, onlays, crowns on vital teeth ...) and the most aesthetically possible. 

We pay particular attention to the comfort and care of the pain . 

Prevention (dental and periodontal) and oral hygien, take a very important place . The quality and success of treatments dependent. 

Graduated in France in 1996, Dr. Hery went to study two years at New York University (NYU) where she received a certificate of Periodontics and the National Board Dental Examinations 

Finally, our site will help you discovering the practice team of english speaking dentists in Paris that is at your disposal, 
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